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MEC Bartlett addressing SALGA Certification Ceremony

The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) in the Northern Cape held its Stakeholders Engagement and Councillor Development Programme (CDP) combined with the award giving ceremony at the Protea Hotel (Kimberly) on the evening of 28th January 2016, present at the prestigious event were the provincial leadership of SALGA led by the Provincial ChairpersonMr Willie Johnson, MEC’s, Mayors and Councillors from various Municipalities. The guest of honour who was also the master of ceremonies, former Generations actor Winnie Ntshaba better known as Khetiwe in the bygone soapie, accompanied by Joshua Maponga who is a professional Motivational Speaker.

Standing on behalf of the MEC of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements & Traditional Affairs (COGSTA) honourableAlvinBotes who was expected to deliver the keynote address and due to unforeseen circumstances could make it, the acting MEC of education and safetyBabra Bartlett explained the role of local government stating that local government has a critical role to play in realizing a transformed South Africa and that the quality of governance is recognized as fundamental to ensuring the quality of life of citizens and its own right, good governance is determinant of the sustainability, vibrancy and strength of local democracies. Local government is often described as a “Bufferzone” and it is the closet form of governance at the coalface of service delivery.

“Employment is better than deployment because once the people who put you there!
Had enough of you they will remove you”

The honourable MEC also took the time to encourage all the concillors who attended the event to take education very seriously as it is the only means of securing a stable employment and highlighted the fact that once you are educated its forever and you become easily employable, whereas when you are deployed you don’t necessarily be at ease because once the people who put you there don’t want you anymore, they will remove you.

In her speech Bartlett also had this to say “it is important when we look at the road traversed, we must make a reflection on what kind of a political leadership do we need to professionalize local government. There is a plethora of attributes that are to be attached to the conduct of political leadership, some that come to mind are Selflessness, Stewardship, Integrity, Objectivity, Honesty and Confidentiality. Local government officials should serve only the public interest and should not use their official positions or authority for the advancement of the personal or financial interests of themselves, family or friends. Local government officials should at all times ensure that public resources for which they are responsible are administered in an efficient and effective manner, and in accordance with the law.” Explained Bartlett

SALGA marketing and communications officer in the Northern Cape,Thotoane Shale also expressed her gratitude stating that SALGA is making all the efforts to see that the relevant and most important information reaches out to the public through municipalities, also accentuated that the only way that local government can deliver is only when officials who are in charge at municipalities are educated enough so that they be able to make informed de-cisions “I am very happy that finally tonight SALGA is awarding all those municipalities together with its officials who did well at the Centre for leadership, it is of most importance that we have more leaders graduating in order of better governance. We are also privileged to be having amongst ourselves Winnie Ntshaba and Mr Joshua Maponga who both did well tonight and gave enough motivation to all who attended.” Concluded Shale

“A true leader leads from all spheres, he leads from the front, center, back, sideways and from the top”

“the SALGA Centre for Leadership and Governance should preoccupy itself with Transforming Local Government as a workplace, with aim of develop-ing learning organizations characterized by systematic problem solving, experimentation with new approaches, learning from own and past experi-ences, learning from the experiences and best practices of others and an organization that transfers knowledge quickly and efficiently.” Concluded Honourable Bartlett Phokwane Mayor Honourable Robert Tsikwe who stood and received an award on behalf of his Municipality also expressed his gratitude towards SALGA “as a person who fully believes in education and hard work I am very proud to have received this award on behalf of Phokwane, it is a good sign when our municipalities together with its officials are being recognized and assisted by SALGA which I believe is the engine of Local Governance, with their support we can do better as municipalities. I just want to thank SALGA for every effort that they put in, making sure that local governance becomes the best by affording our officials and mostly ourcouncillorseducational programmes which gives them enough insight about governance.” Concluded Tsikwe“a true leader leads from all spheres, he leads from the front, center, back, sideways and from the top” this are wise and powerful words fromMr Joshua Maponga who was brought in as a motivational speaker, he also encouraged government officials to learn as much as they can so that the intelligence they have attained, be visible to the portfolios they handle in various Municipalities.