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Firstly let me congratulate you in successfully having launched your book
My humble appreciation

Take us through your book “A life of a conqueror”
This book is a true reflection of a young boy that almost lost everything in life and by that, I mean life itself. It is about a young boy that refused to let life make him a Worrier but a Warrior, a boy that was so determined and eager to finish school and live a normal life, although the situation he was in wouldn’t let him, still he did not give up. A boy that was faced with so many challenges, trials and tribulations were the main passenger of this vehicle of life! Yet he didn’t give up. He later in life believed that as individuals we are bound to suffer before we can succeed. This is a true story of a boy that was left with no choice but to fight a dreadful battle.

The inspiration behind the book
This book was inspired by a greater pain that I had to went through in my upbringing thus I like to say “this book is not a fiction, it’s not a reflection of someone else life but myself.

Define for us a life of a conqueror what does it take for someone to be a conqueror?
*Laughs* I never though you do ask that question, well in a nutshell “ a life of a conqueror defines nobody else but myself, I have been through so much in my life, but I never gave up. Having dealt with traumatic experience at a very young age was not easy, I must say that it was the most difficult time of my life.

Bring us to speed, what actually happened?
Well I was involved in a massive car accident that nearly took my life away, after the accident I was left with both emotional and physical scars, my body took a different shape because of the artificial ribs and bolts that were installed in my body.

“Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom, it matters not on how hard you once fell what matters is the immediate reaction, and life is what you make of it with the power you possess as individual”

Wow that’s hectic! How did you deal with the pressure back then?
it wasn’t easy at all but through God who gives me strength I managed to cope, remember I was still very young, the only thing that I could do young as I was back then was to make peace with the fact that I was different from everyone, I had to make peace with how my body looked like after the accident.

How did that affect your mental aspects?
Due to the fact that I was teased a lot, the teasing became too much to handle and it became an emotionally draining experience for me, fitting in my peers life was such a difficult task, what was heart breaking the most was the fact that I had to witness as my friends continue with their normal day to day life, while I was recovering.
What lessons did you learnt from all those heartaches moments?
I have learnt that God is in perfect control, I came out from that experience a Conqueror, a Legend, a Survivor and a Winner.

Normally I ask all the people I interview this question: what was your dream growing up?
My dream growing up was to become a Child Psychologist or just somebody that Implements change in people lives.

So naturally you not a writer?
*Laughs* well my experiences taught me and forced me to be an author, there was no possible way to tell my story other than putting it down into written words. Never had it crossed my mind that I desired to be a writer.

Who are some of the people who contributed to the success of your book?
First of all my wonderful strong parents, I wouldn’t do justice if won’t mention single their names, Mr Mosimaneotsile Johannes Matlhako and Mrs Pulsne Jacqueline Matlhako, I am blessed beyond measure to have such loving supportive strong people in my life, but most importantly my heavenly farther.

How long did it take you to compile the words and who published the book?
It took me absolutely 3 days to compile the words that you find in my book, as it has always been in my heart and mind. Special mention to the company that published my book (Unique Books Publishers) they were amazing of how they beautified my book, their work is excellent.

Did you say you compiled you book within 3 days?
*Laughs* yes it took me only 3 days to dot the words down

In your book you speak a lot about success, how would you define success in your own words?
Allow me to quote it as it is in the book because that is my exact words and there is no better definition than that “Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom.”

Market wise, how is your book doing?
My book up to so far is doing amazingly well, I still wish it can also be read in my neighbouring countries and I believe it shall happen all in good time and I also want to focus on my motivational pieces as well.

Speaking of which, you are also vocal motivational speaker, take us through that
You know that I have always been the talkative one in my family, it is a skill that I have developed through the stages of my life and I realised that I could actually change one or two lives through that. I decided rather by using it otherwise, I am going to use it as a motivational tool that would motivate people. I also gained the experience through the department of social development as I was doing a lot of outreach with the department.

“Whatever you do in life, bear in mind that you are doing it for yourself, the third option matters not. If I managed to make it what will prevent you from making it too”

What does the future holds for you?
The future is so bright for me, it beholds a lot of opportunities and very soon I will be launching something huge, and I will be again the very first to do so. What I am about to launch is something that will create jobs for the youth of Pampierstad, it will inspire them even more and will justify the saying “it seems so impossible until it is done” not only that but soon I will also be launching my second edition which will define me and motivate people more!


Reality is: at some point of our lives, we are all going to die right, how will you like to be remembered as an individual once you are no longer in this world?
I want to be remembered to have been a conqueror, A Legend, A Survivor, A Winner, A Go-getter, above all let me be remembered as the history maker and a young man who was loving and caring, a son of a king and Queen!

Thanks for your time and I wish you all the best in all your future endeavours
It’s been a great pleasure and I also wish you all the best in your life, the job you are doing is amazing.


Article By: Moshoeshoe Tshediso
Pictures courtesy of: Mocastro Digital Productions