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Report by:Tshediso Moshoeshoe
In the late hours of yesterday evening, a life of an innocent  man was lost, this comes after Pampierstad police ran over him with a police vehicle. It is alleged that the man (Gaonakala Majoro) was hit and dumped miles away from the actual scene in sense of killing the evidence.
In our visit to the family emotions were still very high as Magdeline the niece to the deceased couldn’t hold back her anger ” I will never forgive those police who killed my innocent uncle, they will account one way or the other, we are very hurt as the family, but above all we are angered by this barbaric act. ” explained Magdeline
During our visit together with the faith based community leaders led by Reverend Sigudla, a short prayer was held at the family homestead as there were no sign of any political leaders.
“We urge this irresponsible so- called mayor Sentse Kalman who is believed to be booked someone at one of the BnB’s eating Kellog’s  with warm milk to come and pay the grieving family a visit.” – Explained Mme Maria who is community leader.
Magdeline couldn’t give out a statement as she was still traumatised and the police captain Shambok promised to organise counseling for the family.
 The Police couldn’t open a case of any sort based on Magdeline state of emotions and promised that the matter would be further investigated.
Majoro leaves behind his pregnant wife as well as his wondering family for answers.