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Business branding and marketing are subjects that excite me in its totality especially when working with indie designers and clothing businesses designers who just want to design, because they have the mentality of an artist but still need to eat, those who have the gifts of creativity and the expertise of professional seamstress are gifted with unmeasurable talents, if only they could shout their designs to the world and have every third person pay full price for garments, that would be amazing ! Outstanding to say the least and although they aren’t any guarantees to success, there are key practices that can help to influence your audience/ clients and market your brand.

The influx of HIP HOP fashion and Urban Clothing has influenced our cultures in many ways. T-Shirts brands and designer denims and caps have become definitive in cultural and sociological stratifications with major influences the music we listen to and trends we follow. Our lifestyles and development in language where # quotes and acronyms have become the second language that is universal worldwide. Movements that are well received especially universal movements define the benefits of Branding at its finest!

SSM is an awesome way to promote and enhance your brand, as a designer you can create your own platform. Utilize it for bragging rights while you engage with your clients, potential investors and competitors while building your empire.

There is many ways to approach business branding in the apparel industry, I will come straight down the middle with 5 key practices for growth in the industry, 5 Senses of Industry Growth.