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Dj Sbu

Sbu on joining both radio Vuma and Rise fm

Sbu on joining both radio Vuma and Rise fmWell it’s a dream come true for me to be part of this family, we are here in the deep end and my job is to grow both these stations at the same time. It’s a beautiful challenge and I am proud, humbled, honoured at the same time but most importantly I am up for the job. I felt that the industry was flat and there was nothing new, there was nothing fresh that anybody was offering thus I offered myself.
How did the move to join both vuma and rise fm come about?It’s a mutual Business deal with Times Media, leadership 2020 and myself as a media brand DJ Sbu. It came about after TMG offered me an opportunity to join the group. We negotiated and agreed on a unique deal package.
The influence to join both vuma & rise fm.The focused regional audience combined with the TV audience was more than enough, plus the fact that TMG (Times Media Group) is building a media division that I can have true influence in. I am excited being local but national.

What changes will sbu bring in?

We will intensify the game by being unique in how we deliver the product, can’t say much at this point, but July we will start innovating with morning radio.
What Listeners Can Expect From The Breakfast Show? Music Entertainment, Edutainment, Culture, Education, Sport, Leadership and Africa is our Focus.

What sbu have been up to in the past 12 months since he left radio & tv?

Well I was fired, so was forced to think like a 100% entrepreneur, being fired pushed me into the toughest season of my career. I had to rebuild and created a winning team in MoFaya and Leadership 2020 at the same time repositioning myself as a social entrepreneur who has a clear purpose in building the nation and the continent.


I have  no problem  with failure because it teaches me every time that I can do better and also I learn what I must never repeat again, if I fail once its ok, I dust myself, dust myself up and get back on to the journey God has for me. You cannot be afraid to fail as failure is equals to knowledge and lessons learnt, it comes wrapped up in all kinds of outfits. Failure you can find in the way you react to something, you wish you had reacted better, but by the time you realise – it’s already too late. You can also find failure in your expectations of people, I am always kind, humble and genuine to people and pray for the same in return. The people we keep around us is of paramount importance.

Sbu On The Business Revolution Lecture With Robert Kiyosaki.

I will be speaking alongside my idol Robert Kiyosaki that on its own it’s a big deal, the event will be held at the Heartfelt Arena at Pretoria. Robert Kiyosaki is many things: an author of self-help books, an investor, a business man as well as a motivational speaker best known for his book titled Rich Dad, Poor Dad and has become one of the leading voices in educating people in the area of developing their own personal finances, his experiences in life include serving in the Marine Corps as a helicopter gunship pilot during the Vietnam War. It’s an honour for me knowing that I will be alongside him with other powerful speakers at the event.

What to expect at the two days event?

The business revolution lecture from Mr Robert Kiyosaki will change the way you look at the world, He will predict global game changing outcomes and moves in the business world and he will also show proof that his previous predictions were on point. Believe me he is a genius. Over the two days seminar you will from expects in business, the stock market and property, share with you exactly how you can use these vehicles to get you moving towards the life of your dreams.

On working with success resources.

Leadership 2020 & Success Resources are marketing partners, we have learnt a great deal from them since 2013.Success Resources basically is the leading success seminar organiser in the world since 1992 they have supported individuals’ enterprises and organisations through educational programs around the world impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands from more than 35 countries.


I say the Mind Clinic because personal development is about development of the mind to think differently than the way it did last year, the year before and the decade before. You will grow in life to appreciate that everything happens for a reason and that control over the power of the mind is the ultimate sweet-spot.-Defeat fear by thinking bigger than anyone ever allowed you to- Defeat fear by having a refined manner keeping your plans to yourself and never making yourself a person who talks more than they act or listen-Defeat fear by loosing the “What if” possibility out of the equation, people are the worst critics and innovators, do what they do for the greater good, the macro effect, not the micro effect-Defeat fear by silencing critics with great work, high standards and ultimate professionalism, when the people who think mattered in the beginning show their true colours you will realise that the only thing that matters to you is your completion of the taskDefeat fear by finishing the task, it always seems impossible until it’s done


Anything is possible on this earth, absolutely I believe it do you? We are on this earth to do amazing and incredible things, to innovate is to think beyond the end of the week, month and even this year. How far ahead are you thinking? Four years ago I set off on a new journey, as an author leader, public speaker, influencer, MBA student and more. I am still on the same journey, with lots of success and failure down the road.
I was fired from my favourite job ever, because I failed at convincing my leadership at the time to believe in me, I had to endure 13 months without my favourite job in the world, radio and TV. In my book this is a failure which I have turned into success, it has forced me to innovate and become a teacher, leader, student of myself. Who would have thought that MoFaya would be the most anticipated energy drink in SA and Africa in 24 months?


The domino effect is based on the weakest link in the chain being erased, I will never be the weak link in any chain of people who are together to achieve greatness. Study the strengths and weaknesses of the people you are innovating with and where one falls short the other picks up. Build a team of power to influence and innovate based on skill. When the weak link in the chain drops the ball the innovator solves the problem, there will always be problems in all that we do, and I always strive to be part of the solution not the problem.  EGO will hold you back
One of my mentors says “E.G.O = Edge God Out”
A lot of my previous failures have been based on EGO related issues within the conversation, therefore we do not want to forget why we are on earth and who we are, if you come across an EGO it’s very simple, you are edging God out and therefore he cannot do his work.
Let’s continue to innovate and build a new nation and continent, the world is looking at us and we have the greatness within us.

Editorial comment: Sbu remains a true inspiration to many if not all of South African youth, throughout the years he has proved beyond reasonable doubt that hard work and determination pays off, his believe in education has inspired many not only to rely on their God given talents but to stand up and have something to back up their talents with. His undying passion and determination separates him from the rest within and outside the industry. A true leader he remains.  A true inspiration he is to many out there. This time around he has indeed broken all the barriers and proved that nothing under the sun is Impossible. Not by default but by hard work he deserve to be called a Radio Guru. Here in Kapa Bokone we would like to take our hats off to the tried and tested DJ SBU for his undying spirit.Indeed DJ SBU is a game changer!